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  A kindly reminder:
  (1). Please silence your cell phone.

  (2). Please leave your wallet, sharp object like pen, watch and belt in the provided container if you have    

  (3). How to Dress for Massage Treatment  

      1. Remove all jewellery, even rings and earrings 
      This ensures that your hands, feet and wrists can be massaged with ease. 
      Many massages include a neck and back rub that can be hindered by necklaces

      2. Wear loose fitting clothing 
      Your relaxation will be at its height after the massage is done, 
      and you should clothe yourself in comfy duds that don't chafe 
      or restrict you to keep the tension from returning.
      3. Put on clothes that can easily be taken on and off without messing up your hair or needing assistance
      Your message treatment professional leaves the room while you undress and get dressed again, 
      and you want this process to be easy. A flowy sun dress, or elastic shorts and button shirt are ideal.

      4. Slide shoes on that are comfortable and easy to take off before you head for massage treatment
      This goes back to the ease you want to afford yourself after the massage is over.

      5. Dress in older clothes that you don't mind getting oily
      Massage treatment usually includes oils that aid in friction.

      6. Pull your hair back when you dress for massage treatment
      Many masseuses massage the neck and spine with oils that can cling to hair that is left down.

  Enjoy it!

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